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June 27
After a turbulent year on the stock exchange: Are Conferize's dreams of growth progressing as planned? "When an industry gets disrupted, it is a few actors, typically from the outside, who take it all. And that hasn't happened yet in this industry"., by Jesper Kildebogaard (only in Danish)

June 25
Conferize CEO optimist despite falling shareprice: We will soon have news for our investors..., Børsen Play (only in Danish).

May 11
Conferize sets off to inspire startups at international conferenze. Martin Ferro-Thomsen, CEO of IT company Conferize, has gone to Portugal to inspire a number of entrepreneurs at this year's international conference FIWARE Global Summit in Porto. IT reload, by Lars Bennetzen (only in Danish)

April 30
Life after an IPO. "We spend extra effort in these exercises, but it also means that we take a position on our business much more regular and structured than we did before. It has been healthy for us to build a number of processes about execution, communication and reporting" TechSavy, by Jakob Lindmark Frier (only in Danish)

April 27
There is once again life in the stock exchange's kindergarten. "FIRST NORTH: From 2008 to 2017 there was deafening silence on the Danish part of the First North Exchange, where small promising companies can be listed on the stock market". Jyllands-Posten Erhverv, by Jesper Kildebogaard (only in Danish)

April 24

Brief News. "Steen Tromholt, growth catalyst at Tromholt consulting company, has been elected new Chairman of the listed company Conferize, where he has been a member of the Board since 2012". Børsen (Kort nyt - Navne), by Peter Utzon (only in Danish)

April 23

I have had all the worst jobs you can imagine. "41-year old Martin Ferro-Thomsen has a MA in danish, but works as an IT entreprenuer. Last year he listed his company Conferize on the danish stock exchange. Life has taught him to spend his time right and avoid working just to make money". Børsen Penge, by Simon Kirketerp (only in Danish)

April 19
Conferize has a new Chairman of the Board. "The listed company Conferize has in connection with the Annual General Meeting elected a new Chairman of the Board. The new man chairing the meetings is an experienced entrepreneur". ITWatch, by Malte Oxvig (only in Danish) 

April 19
Steen Tromholt supersedes Allan Søgaard Larsen as Chairman of the Board in Conferize. "Conferize has a new Chairman of the Board. The new chairman is Steen Tromholt. He supersedes former CEO of Falck Allan Søgaard Larsen. Allan Søgaard Larsen continues serving as a Member of the Board in Conferize"., by Søren Kragballe (only in Danish)

April 16
IT company Conferize in close cooperation with TED. "The listed Danish IT company, Conferize, is moving even closer to the world-renowned non-profit organization, TED. Conferize becomes a partner in this year's TEDFest".,  by Lars Bennetzen (only in Danish) 

April 11
Danish IT Company gets a foothold with world renowned Ted Talks. "The listed Danish company Conferize is once again a board as partner on this year’s TEDFest. According to the companys CEO as one of the few in the business". ITWatch, by Andreas Østergaard Pedersen (only in Danish)

March 9
First year as a listed company - Conferize almost bubbles of deficit. "Ten months after their IPO Conferize publishes their annual report for 2017, announcing a deficit almost twice as large as last year. But the company is growing and expecting to turn deficit into surplus within the two next year". TechSavvy, by Jakob Lindmark Frier (only in Danish)

March 9
Morning briefing: Big deficit in Conferize - but everything is fine., by Dan Jensen (only in Danish)

March 8
Listed IT company nearly doubles deficit. "Conferize delivers deficit in its first annual report since IPO, but the CEO expects a breakthrough this year". ITWatch, by Jakob Skouboe (only in Danish)