Investing in Conferize


The story of Conferize has just started. Day by day more and more events are set up on the platform, and for each event, Conferize is introduced to a new group of users. 


“Before investing in Conferize you have to consider it closely. If it works out, it will yield a really big return. But it is crucial to remember: It is not a grandmother-investment. It is an investment involving risk.” 
— Chairman of the board of directors, Allan Søgaard Larsen shares his view on Conferize as a business case and as an investment possiblity. 


Take part in the journey

The expansion and recognition of the platform is continuously growing and central opinion leaders confirm that the market is ready for exactly the kind of disruptive change that Conferize was conceived to bring about.

In 2018 a new and fundamentally improved version of the Event Management Systemet is launched, and at the same time, global and targeted marketing will be increased significantly. 

Being listed on Nasdaq First North, everybody in Denmark have the opportunity to take part in the journey as investors. Our objective is to ensure a distributed owner-structure which keeps steering Conferize towards large and long-term value creation - both societal and financial.

A Venture Case with a Large Potential

Conferize adresses a global market with an innovative solution and a disruptive business model. As an investment, Conferize is a venture case with a very large potential that also involves considerable risk. Investors should not choose Conferize if they are looking for a stable investment yielding predictable interests. 

You should invest in Conferize because you can see the potential of the business concept, and of the results that have already been created - and not least because you believe that Conferize has collected the team that can realize this potential in the years to come.