We Need More From Our Meetings.


With the ambition of conquering the global event market, Conferize is listed on Nasdaq First North, Copenhagen.


”The time has come to use our technology to liberate the knowledge, experience, and creativity that exists in a group of people” 
— Listen to what opinion-leaders think about Conferize.


The event market is a global trillion-dollar-industry - In Denmark alone the gross revenue amounts to DKK 20 billion every year. In spite of this, many meetings and conferences are still conceptualized, planned and executed in much the same way as it happened 50 years ago. Modern demands of intelligent interaction, networking, and exchange of ideas are simply not met. To too many participants, meetings feel like a waste of their time, ressources and commitment. The event industry is quite simply in need of a digital solution that can drastically increase the value of events.


Conferize is a simple digital platform, focusing on bringing people together in much more meaningful ways. A new approach to networking and the exchange of ideas and knowledge, that lends more gravity and efficacy to physical events. 


“People want to contribute. They want to be engaged. They have purposes in spending their time and money.”
— Founder & CEO Martin Martin Ferro-Thomsen about the motivation behind Conferize.


With Conferize as a digital platform for establishing and organising events, the scene is set for disrupting the entire industry.

The Conferize-platform consists of three core elements that create value for both participants, speakers, event-makers, and the industry as a whole

  • An Event Management System (EMS): To event-makers Conferize is a fully integrated digital toolbox for setting up, planning and executing events. One unified solution, which makes it easy to create better events - e.g. by setting up interactive event-websites with features such as ticket sales, user registration and e-mail marketing.
  • A social community: To participants and speakers Conferize is a social community for events, a digital space in which they can form relationships, share their knowledge and co-create content - before, during, as well as after their physical encounter
  • A global network of events: For the entire event industry, Conferize will develop into to a global, digital infrastructure - an online marketplace through which users and organizers can easily find and interact with the persons, events, or the content that they find most valuable

Conferize intends to develop a quickly growing user mass by attracting more and more event-makers with its unique EMS.